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Genexis FiberTwist FTU-120 2-Faser Lösung

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Grundplatte für Fibermanagement 2-Faser Lösung The FiberTwist FTU can be used as the... mehr
Produktinformationen "Genexis FiberTwist FTU-120 2-Faser Lösung"

Grundplatte für Fibermanagement
2-Faser Lösung

The FiberTwist FTU can be used as the foundation for all Genexis FiberTwist active units. This includes those from both the Point-to-Point and GPON, XGS-PON families, as well as optical data and RFoG. The small form factor of the FiberTwist FTU has been specifically designed for fast, efficient and easy installation in any location. FiberTwist is a unique FTTH connectivity solution that redefines size, ease-of-installation and flexibility for the distribution of fiber bandwidth throughout the home. With FiberTwist, you only need one product to cover each and every deployment scenario in your network.

Product features and specifications Genexis FiberTwist - FTU-100 Series

Dimensions (H x W x D
• FTU 110x110x19 mm • With Blind Cover 110x110x40 mm • With active unit 110x110x46 mm

• FTU 89 g • Blind Cover 48 g Max. gasblocker size 25 x ø15 mm

Fiber management
Storage for 6 Fibers 3 Fiber ingress points (top, bottom, back) 1 patch port can accommodate:
• SC connector
• Shuttered SC without flanges
• Shuttered Dual-LC connector
Sealable fiber management and strain relief Pre-installed pigtail(s) optional
Fiber types supported: G.657.A1/.A2/.B2/.B3 12 mm (short) boot

WDM combiner
• Common port 1260 - 1560 nm
• CATV 1550 ±10 nm
• Data (upstream) 1310 ± 50 nm
• Data (downstream) 1490 ± 10 nm Isolation 15 dB Directivity into
• CATV port @1 310 nm: 47 dB
• Insertion loss 0.3 dB
• Return loss 45 dB Fiber
• Length 100 cm
• Corning SMF 28, Ultra 900 µm loose tube

Mounting options
Wall junction box compatible

Emissions and safety regulations
• CE IEC 62368
• UL94HB flammability class
• RoHS 3 and WEEE compliant

Accessories (supplied)
Mounting screws and plugs
Cable ties
Foam padding S
plice holders for:
• 4 ANT splices
• 2 single fusion with splice sleeve
Warranty seal
SC/APC Twist connector
Installation guide
Drilling template

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